Trends in the health and nutrition industry – A look back at Vitafoods Europe 2024


Last week, our life sciences team attended Vitafoods, the most popular trade show in the nutraceutical industry. Several companies unveiled their innovations and new products at the event. In this article, we present some of the trends and innovative companies that stood out at the show.




New collagen-based innovations were presented, such as Gelita’s PetEndure, a collagen protein aimed at enhancing endurance performance, and Rousselot’s Nextida, a comprehensive portfolio of targeted and specific collagen peptide compositions. Collagen is becoming a priority for both active nutrition and beauty, two categories closely linked to the concept of “agelessness,” which is more appealing and emotional than traditional terms like “anti-aging” or “healthy aging.” This trend was highlighted at IFF’s booth with their “Free to Age Your Way” campaign.



Despite its long-standing presence in the market, magnesium remains a trend due to its diverse utility. Beyond its well-known application for sports recovery, magnesium for sleep has been popular. Lubrizol presented Magshape, microencapsulated magnesium designed to support muscle relaxation and promote sleep.



Gummies have been a hit, with Sirio’s gummies focusing on women’s health. Givaudan presented a chewing gum aimed at enhancing concentration, attention, and memory with Cereboost ginseng. Gummies continue to be an accessible format that attracts new customers.



Over the past few decades, astaxanthin has increasingly been used as a food additive due to its health benefits, including anti-inflammatory effects, improved immunity, and the prevention of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases. Recent studies reveal astaxanthin’s role in preventing skin aging, improving sleep, reducing obesity, protecting vocal cords, combating depression, and increasing sperm motility.


Plant-Based Products

The plant-based market presents significant opportunities despite slowing growth. Flexitarianism shows continued acceptance of plant-based alternatives, but improving taste is crucial for adoption. Consumers perceive plant-based products as healthier, necessitating innovations to reduce ingredient lists and maximize health benefits. Sustainability is also important, with a preference for low-emission and resource-efficient options. Maintaining competitive prices is essential, exemplified by products combining meat and plants that perform well sensorially and nutritionally at accessible prices.


Protein-Fortified Products

Producing the necessary protein to feed a growing population while minimizing environmental impact increasingly relies on advances in microbiology, bioprocessing, and artificial intelligence. Examples include cultured meat, which could reduce land use by 99% and has seen production costs drop significantly. Precision fermentation and enzyme engineering enhance operational efficiency, product quality, and sustainability. These technologies promise better agricultural efficiency, reduced food waste, and healthier, more sustainable products. Overcoming consumer acceptance and regulatory challenges requires collaboration among scientists, bioengineers, and authorities. Rapid developments in bioengineering and big data are transforming the food industry, although continued sensory improvements are needed for consumer acceptance of alternative proteins. Protein-fortified foods, like fortified snacks, are popular due to their essential role in muscle and immune health.


The Gut-Brain Axis

The gastrointestinal tract, averaging about 20 feet long, hosts approximately 40 trillion microorganisms in its microvilli. These microbes aid in macronutrient digestion, synthesize nutrients, protect the intestinal barrier, and modulate the immune system. The gut microbiome, unique to each individual, can be influenced by lifestyle, diet, and medications. Personalizing microbiome modulators, such as probiotics and prebiotics, is essential for rebalancing a disturbed gut microbiome. AI and machine learning will play crucial roles in maximizing these technologies’ benefits. Interest in the gut microbiota’s impact on the body, including the brain and mood, remains strong. The gut-brain axis shows that beneficial gut bacteria can produce neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Supporting gut health through prebiotic fiber, diverse plant-based foods, fermented products, and fiber-rich ingredients is fundamental for maintaining a healthy microbiome and promoting holistic well-being.


Cognitive Health

In 2024, mental and cognitive health are crucial factors in nutrition. The connection between diet and mental well-being is gaining attention, with specific nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and Mediterranean and MIND diets linked to cognitive function and mental health. Stress and sleep management are essential for resilience, with holistic approaches like mindfulness and herbal remedies gaining recognition. Consumers seek personalized, science-based strategies to support cognitive health, highlighting the importance of ingredients with proven efficacy.


Innovative Companies:

Four companies were awarded in the Start-Up Innovation Challenge:


Most Innovative Finished Product: Flavolife, dedicated to developing patented special foods with pharmaconutritional efficacy to improve patients’ quality of life.

Most Innovative Nutraceutical Ingredient: Edonia, using unique technology to transform microalgae into highly nutritious, sustainable, and delicious meat alternatives.

Most Innovative Service, Technology, or Digital Solution: Reso Health, redefining the role of functional nutrition in the workplace.

Most Innovative Sustainable Solution: BiOkuris, developing next-generation medical nutrition products for unmet needs of patients with chronic intestinal diseases.


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