Erdyn covers a wide range of topics linked to healthcare, from pharmaceuticals to medical devices, as well as management of patient-doctor relations

The assignments of the Erdyn Healthcare practice cover:

  • The pharmaceutical sector (from academics to biotech and large pharmaceutical companies)
  • Medical devices (e-health, MD-IVD, implantables, etc.)

But also new stakes such as outsourcing in the pharmaceutical sector, personalized medicine, the use of ICT in health, service provision, etc..


Science and technology related research


Market study for a device measuring vital signals to recognize a person for the access control market.


Valorization study for a technology to measure the energetic state of cells for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Animal health company

Detection of opportunities for R&D projects in Animal Health – Scientific and technical assistance.


Market study for a voice rehabilitation software for patients with oral language disorders.


Market study on a software to assist in the realization of biomortality reviews.

Industrial medical equipment manufacturer

Detection of opportunities in the development of inhaled biologics, and scientific and technical assistance.


Market study for an innovative electric wheelchair for people with reduced mobility and rehabilitation centers.


Market study for a low-cost competitor to ROTEM in the field of hemostasis.

International pharmaceutical company

State of the art and techno scouting for an innovative administration method.

Innovation approaches

International pharmaceutical company

Search for early and late stages opportunities

International pharmaceutical and cosmetic company


Walloon and French competitiveness clusters

Evaluation of French and Walloon competitiveness clusters in the health sector

Pôle Eurobiomed

Support for the development of the strategic roadmap

Researchers, Clinicians, Companies of all sizes

Numerous collaborative projects: RHU, H2020, ANR, INCA, etc.


Numerous files and projects set up: SME instrument, Global Innovation Contest, I-LAB, …

Strategy and marketing

International pharmaceutical company

Strategic analysis of project pipeline management

International pharmaceutical company

Technology mapping exercice


Market study and formulation of a strategic positioning for a project hotel (Center for Translational and Clinical Research)

Investment funds

Due diligence for a health project (confidential subject)

Investment bank

Realization of the expertises of the I-LAB competition in 2015, 2016 and 2017

A thematic research alliance

Receptivity study of neurostimulation medical devices


Positioning study (identification and prioritization of market segments to be addressed) and market study of a functional 3D medical imaging system


Market study and realization of a business plan for a company providing services in nano-encapsulation


Business development coaching for a company offering diagnostic kits for respiratory pathologies

Industrial company

Mapping of new assets worldwide in machine learning in healthcare from academic research and start-ups (pre-seed to Series A).


Market study on the users of medical chitosan.


Section writing and critical review for a Horizon Europe project on an immunotherapy for type I diabetes.

Animal health company

Mapping of European players in animal health innovation.