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All the players of innovation

Erdyn has chosen to work for all those who contribute to Innovation: companies from start-ups to multinationals, academic laboratories and technical centers, public authorities at all territorial levels.



“Erdyn’s method, flexibility and network were major assets in the decision and choice of the consulting firm. ”

Innovation Director, NEOPOST


“I was won over by the provider’s level of technical excellence and its ability to help us structure our thoughts“

TOTAL Lubricants

Start-ups and backing structures


“Erdyn offers a “know to act” approach very suitable for start-ups and SMEs which allowed to obtain relevant and pragmatic conclusions from this market research and to set up concrete commercial actions very quickly.”

Business Dev. Manager, GTP Technology

Academic research and technical centers


“The assignment was carried out efficiently in a short time. The good complementarity between LNE’s technical expertise and Erdyn’s expertise in setting up projects made possible the success of the project on time”


Policy makers


Horizon 2020: AnIMA Project setup- Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches, 23 partners, 7.5 million euros

ERDYN was extraordinarily effective in the development of the project. They helped each partner define what he really wanted to include, with his own words and needs. Its great added value is to be able to make the link between completely different elements: our consortium is complex, but the ERDYN team is able to highlight the connections between the various contributions. They keep control of every detail at all times, and know how to make them coincide with the strategic intent of the project. ”