Agri-food and agribusiness



Erdyn covers all topics related to the fields of agronomy, agribusiness and nutraceuticals : from new ingredients or varieties to final products as well as biocontrol.

The assignments of our Agri-food practice are related to :

  • Agri-food
  • Agronomy
  • Nutrition and nutraceutics

But also the new sectorial stakes: new ingredients valorization, alternative proteins, new technologies for agri-food…


Entreprise multinationale

Numerous studies and searches on new ingredients or technological solutions to industrial problems. This support has allowed the company to increase its competitiveness by accelerating its innovation capacity (80 technical studies since 2014, confidential subjects).

Asian company

In-depth study of the Casher market in the UK

Analysies and research laboratory

Setup of an H2020 European project in the field of food safety

Food and feed sectors

Partner of the “Magnificent” BBI project: valorization of micro-algae


Strategic survey for Metagenopolis, R&D platform devoted to microbiota : competitive watch, analysis of the ecosystem, definition of  the business model

Start up: YNSECT

Technology and market research to valorize richly proteined insect powders and their co-products


Market survey for a technology allowing the diagnosis and separation of pathogenic bacteria


Strategic and marketing study for a project focused on lipidic decoys

Entreprise multinationale

State of the art on the antiviral properties of some food compounds and analysis of the key steps of viral replication of two viruses of interest and current control strategies.

Company specialized in animal nutrition

Identification of strategies for the valorization of bones in Europe, qualification and quantification of markets, identification of actors in the value chain, and analysis of blocking and/or tolerance points in each country.

Multinational agri-food company

Study of the different technologies of encapsulation by lipids.

Multinational agri-food company

State of the art on the sweetening properties of lactose and its derivatives.


Flash market study for a method to detect chlorates in water by luminescence or colorimetry using genetically modified bacteria.

Industrial player in the spirits sector

Support for the development of the R&D roadmap.

Entreprise multinationale

State of the art on the effect of seasonality on cow’s milk composition, and policy recommendations.

Entreprise multinationale

Identification of different private or public financing systems to support farmers and the client in their transition to regenerative agriculture.


Market study for a new biological indicator of organic matter degradation for soil analysis.


Market study of an innovative biocontrol solution against Spodoptera.

Public research organization

Market study for a device for dropping insects in the environment by drone and biocontrol applications against mosquitoes. Research of industrial partners.

Company specialized in animal nutrition

Research of new enzymes degrading mycotoxins for use in animal feed.

Company specialized in animal nutrition

Identification of opportunities and projects for the creation of a portfolio of projects in the field of poultry microbiota resilience.


Technical and economic study of a project to extract active compounds from coffee grounds for use as a food supplement against obesity.

Human nutrition company

Market study of a product for malnourished people in France.

Agri-food company

State of the art on the fermentation of vegetable matrices and aromatic molecules produced.

Agri-food company

Market study on vegetable proteins and study of production areas, main actors and actions to support the production of vegetable proteins.

Agri-food company

Analysis of fruit and vegetable juice market trends, scientific data on health benefits, and nutritional composition.