Erdyn covers all the major energy-related sectors: renewables, hydraulics, marine, biomass, wind and solar energy; fossil fuels, nuclear energy, hydrogen and electrical infrastructure.


Industrial company – chemistry sector

Opportunity study and patent family valorization in the field of batteries.


Market study: new production processes for the production of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)

Technical center – mechanics sector

Watch of the impact of nuclear power plant life extension on fluidic systems and equipment.

Carnot research institute

Assistance in the Carnot call for proposals –  Eco-energy sectors.

Industrial company – chemistry sector

Business model and valuation of a license – production of transparent organic electrodes.

Company – Energy sector

Photovoltaic concentration systems (microcells) – development of a technology maturation roadmap.

Company – Energy sector

Valorization of a patent: regulation of the voltage between networks and modules

Company – Energy sector

Valuation of patents: management of batteries and recharging stations for electric vehicles.


Technical and economic analysis and decision making support for a project producing hydrogen from biomass.

European Commission

Nuclear: assessment of the Euratom program and analysis of industrial benefits.


Assessment of the projects of the Ademe-Total program

Private Equity Fund

Lithium batteries and electrochemical storage: market and industrial challenges in the world – Where to invest?

Company – civil work sector

Overview of the solutions to produce electrical energy via the facade of buildings.


Market research on solutions of rare gas extraction.

Industrial company – electricity storage sector

Assistance in the set-up of a collaborative research project on lithium batteries

Industrial company – printing sector

Drafting of Research Tax Credit dossiers related to two major research programs – strategic diversification within the energy storage industry.