Building and public works

Building and public works2021-03-10T16:23:40+01:00

Building and public works

Erdyn covers the main topics related to all sectors of the building and public works industry: structural work, finishing work, technical and electrical equipment, energy…



Landscaping of smart buildings projects (individual and collective housing)

Company – civil work sector

Benchmarking of the German building materials market and analysis of the sector structure


Market survey for a 3D building reconstruction software


Market study and valorization strategy for a new construction site equipment

Technical center

Assistance in the setup of the Carnot 3 project for the MECD (French Technical Centers Institute)

Private research institute – energy sector

Definition of the offer and its business model for a research center on sustainable cities

Company – civil work sector

Overview of the existing solutions to produce electrical energy via the facade of buildings

Economic development agency

Expert assessment: deployment of Building Information Modeling for renovation

Technical center

Consulting and assistance for innovation, transfer and valuation activities for the planning, risks and environment markets