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Erdyn covers all topics related to the fields of agronomy, agribusiness and nutraceuticals: from new ingredients or varieties to final products via bio-control.

Building and public work

Erdyn covers topics related to all sectors of activity in the building and public works sector: structural work, finishing work, technical and electrical equipment…

Chemistry – Materials – Methods

Erdyn works both with material application as well as their production methods: metals, glass, ceramics, composites, rubber and plastics, paper, wood and semiconductors…


Erdyn covers all topics related to the field of cosmetics, from new extracts to in vitro tests as well as final products and packaging.


Erdyn covers all major energy-related sectors: renewable energies, hydraulics, marine, biomass, wind, solar, hydrogen, fossil fuels, nuclear energy, electrical infrastructure…


Erdyn covers most topics related to water management, air pollution, soils and waste management…

Research and innovation projects funding

Erdyn assists you throughout the course of  your projects: call for proposal identification, partner search, project setup, application preparation for national or European funding programmes (Horizon 2020, JTI, COSME, ANR, FUI, PIA), project management and execution.

Public policies

Erdyn covers all issues related to public innovation policies, from foresight and strategic research to assessment, including operational studies at all territorial levels: European and national institutions, local authorities, interface and backing structures.


Erdyn covers all health-related topics, from pharmaceuticals to medical devices as well as healthcare management.


Erdyn covers topics related to innovation in the service industry (insurance, banking, IT services, training, etc.) as well as innovation through services (for manufacturers…).


Erdyn covers all sectors related to digital technologies, in particular electronics and micro-nano electronics, telecoms, their infrastructures, software and related services.


Erdyn covers topics related to the land transportation sector, the aeronautics – space – defense sector, the naval sector, as well as water transportation, shipping and logistics.