You wish to:

  • Generate a balanced and prioritized portfolio of projects
  • Advance your R&D projects
  • Identify academic or industrial partners for open innovation
  • Obtain funding and grants
  • De-risk a project or strategy

You lack in-house skills, you wish to go faster or simply want a fresh look at your projects. You want a flexible approach, tailored to your specific needs and a strong technological and industrial expertise. Erdyn will help you to…

Our services

Identifying external opportunities that will boost your innovation

The external detection of promising innovative projects and the closing, before your competitors, of deals with their owners is a major challenge for the growth and dynamism of your company. This process, known as scouting, involves key steps including the detection, sorting and prioritization of projects, an initial contact with the most interesting ones to validate their availability, the setting up of NDAs and the conduct of in-depth discussions, up to the conclusion of a deal after due diligence has been carried out.

Erdyn has developed an innovative and proactive scouting methodology based on its academic and industrial sector expertise as well as a series of proprietary tools, to access a network, find difficult to access sources complementary to mainstream channels, in order to ultimately discover opportunities for you in advance.

Our approach: put people into the solicitation  entities and project leaders of our network, in order to build a real relationship of trust. Our scientific culture guarantees a fast and efficient prioritization in order to quickly understand the major trends in your sector and only retain innovative projects that are in line with your strategy.

Conducting, for and with you, your outsourced R&I actions

Need to accelerate your R&I projects safely and efficiently? Need the skills and partners beyond your core business? Erdyn supports you in your R&I projects by:

  • Mobilizing the scientific and technical skills and expertise of its consultants to carry out your state-of-the-art or technology watch,
  • Identifying and finely qualifying for you the best partners in terms of skills or equipment for your project. In particular by mobilizing our network of academic and industrial partners,
  • Beating the beat like a conductor so that your projects involving different types of partners move forward quickly and efficiently.
Erdyn is accredited under the CIR (French Research Tax Credit).

Setting up and managing collaborative R&D projects

Research organization, cluster or company, participating in collaborative R&D projects and obtaining funding are key in terms of notoriety and financing to accelerate and de-risk your innovation projects. If the associated financial levers are attractive, the actual preparation of the application and the establishment of potential partnerships are often complex.

Public funding from different territorial levels (European, national, regional), private funding from banks and investment funds, with their specialties and specificity, funding from foundations … the possibilities of support for innovation and R&D are numerous and evolve frequently. Beneficiaries sometimes find it difficult to navigate their way through this complex landscape. Drawing on our excellent knowledge of the innovation ecosystems, we help our clients to identify the sources of funding that correspond to their specific situation and to draw up a dossier that is perfectly in line with the specifications of the program to which they are applying for, while respecting the response timetable.

Erdyn also provides support for the management of collaborative projects; our intervention enables us to develop all the best practices and to ensure their implementation throughout the project’s life cycle. We also provide support to coordinators for monitoring and reporting to funders.

Identifying and qualifying your first North American prospects

The search for partners is a key step in internationalization, whether they are customers, R&D partners, suppliers or subcontractors. Deeptech start-ups and SMEs are generally confronted with the limited size of their sales teams, time difference and distance in a context where customer education is key, given the innovative nature of their technologies. Erdyn therefore offers ad hoc teams that combine scientific expertise and knowledge of the American ecosystem to support our clients’ business development. Erdyn takes charge of identifying prospects and conducting qualification interviews with the most promising leads. The objective is to provide our clients with key information on existing practices and the needs of prospects, the interest in their products/services compared to existing offers, as well as the key success factors and the decision process to position their product.