Funding of research and innovation projects

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Research and innovation projects funding

We support you throughout projects from the construction of your project and the identification of relevant calls for projects to management, including the search for partners, the setting up of a consortium and the setting up of your national or European file (Horizon 2020, EDF, JTI, COSME, ANR, FUI, PIA…).

As a partner in your projects, we support you in carrying out your technico-economic analysis, market study, competitive analysis, intellectual property management, etc. providing you with skills that are increasingly sought after in consortia and required by funders.

Upstream, we monitor funding opportunities and train your teams in setting up and managing projects while providing them with the keys to understanding funding programs …

We also work with policy makers and funders such as the European Parliament, the European Commission, Bpifrance, etc. as experts within the framework of numerous mechanisms.



Support for the setting up of a European project which will aim to develop innovative, intelligent and sustainable textiles (valorisation of flax fibres among others) for applications in the high fashion sector (Horizon Europe Cluster 4).


Accompaniment in the setting up and management of the European project NEXTAIR in the field of aeronautics and the development of modeling tools within the framework of Horizon Europe (Cluster 5).


Assistance in setting up a European project in the field of defense for the development of an electromagnetic missile launcher (EDF).


Support to the setting up of a European project which will aim at developing innovative thermal flow sensors which will be integrated in two different types of applications (home automation and health) (Horizon Europe Cluster 4).


Setting up a project in the Clean Aviation programme with the objective of preparing engine subsystems for the ground testing of a multi-MW hydrogen fuel cell engine.


Support for the setting up of a European Horizon Europe project aimed at improving the security of identity documents, biometrics and electronic identification processes at borders (Cluster 3).

Norwegian Institute for Water

Accompaniment to the setting up of a project on the valorization of microalgae within the framework of the Mission Ocean of the Horizon Europe program (Mission, linked to Cluster 6).


Support for the setting up of two European Horizon Europe projects (Cluster 4) in the field of space aimed at strengthening European space sovereignty.


Support for the preparation of an EIC Accelerator application in the field of optical communications (Horizon Europe).


Support to drafing impact section of a European project aiming at developing biofuels from microalgae for aviation.

Avignon Université

Assistance in setting up a European EIC Pathfinder Open project in the field of health (neurological diseases).


Support for setting up of a project in the Horizon Europe programme with the objective of developing artificial intelligence to reduce costly and time-consuming physical testing and considerably speed up the whole process.


Assistance in the drafting of a European project on soil dynamization within the framework of the MSCA RISE-Horizon 2020 program.

European Commission

Impact evaluation of FET Flagships Human Brain Project et Graphene – CSA TAIPI

European Parliament

Realisation of the study: “Scrutiny in Horizon 2020 focusing on the European Parliament’s priorities “.

Competitiviteness cluster

Monthly monitoring of European and national calls for projects for a biocluster and its members.

Competitiveness cluster

Monthly watch and webinar on national and European calls for projects in the field of cosmetics for a competitiveness cluster and its members.


Assistance in setting up an EIC Pathfinder project to develop a new therapeutic approach for pancreatic cancer.