Halfway through the H2020 SOTERIA project!

The SOTERIA project is halfway. We organized our 4th Consortium Meeting held by Computer Vision Center (CVC) and SCYTL, in Barcelona, Spain. What a pleasure to see partners and take time for fruitful discussions!

The purpose of this meeting was to provide insight into the progress of the project, with a focus on the WPs, project management, and internal communication, as well as to allow partners technical discussions within and between Work Packages.

We took this opportunity to invite the Advisory Board members, which gave suggestions and recommendations on how the project can be improved. The overall impression of the AB members was that the project is on track to achieve its objectives and the Consortium received congratulations on how well the project is handled given its complexity and challenging technological aspects (linkability, biometrics, user-friendly features, identity management, cryptography, citizens’ feedback etc.).

The Consortium is expected to meet again in September 2023, in Bucharest, Romania.

For more information on the SOTERIA project, please contact our consultant, Simona Braileanu.

2023-03-23T12:00:46+01:00Thursday 23 March 2023|Innovation|

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