As we enter a new year, it’s time to look back at what Erdyn’s Europe team has achieved over 2023!

A record number of European projects supported and submitted by Erdyn in 2023

2023 was a year of unprecedented dynamism and numerous set-up successes in European projects. Our team supported and submitted more than 30 projects throughout the year, a record! Health, bioeconomy, social and human sciences, energy, aviation, defence, digital, maritime: many inspiring fields that turn out as unique opportunities to develop pioneering solutions in a collaborative context, contributing to the sustainable development of multidisciplinary European consortia as well. Whether they are part of Horizon Europe, the European Innovation Council (EIC), the European Defence Fund (EDF), Eurostars, or the Association for European Scientific and Technical Cooperation (COST), these projects have enabled Erdyn to continue improving its methodologies and exploring new innovative formats. Erdyn’s support to project coordinators – as partner or subcontractor – spreads now far beyond the French borders: Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden

The submitted projects in 2023 represent almost €235 million of potential subventions for the applicant consortia. Most of these projects’ results will be revealed in 2024.

The development of the support to management of European projects

Our team currently offers continuous support for about 15 ongoing projects, mainly Horizon Europe and the EDF.

2023 witnessed the success of projects written in 2022, with a 100% success rate on the EDF calls, representing more than €75 million in subventions for partners. Later on, Erdyn were directly involved in the launch phase of these significant projects. With a duration varying between 2 and 4 years, they are the natural conclusion of Erdyn’s support to European projects, from ideation to the concrete implementation of activities.

2024 is going to be full of developments for the Europe team: the new year comes along with new ideas, new projects, new programs, and a new consultant to welcome!

The Europe team of Erdyn thanks all its partners for the 2023 active collaborations, and is looking forward to meeting you again to continue to inform, together, your innovation choices to imagine and build the Europe of 2024.

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