Third consortium meeting of the ICARe

The third consortium meeting of the ICARe project (International Cooperation in Aviation Sector) took place at Dassault Aviation in October 2018 to discuss the advancement of the project.

During this meeting, Erdyn presented the almost finalized results of WP3 dedicated to the lessons learned of previous international cooperation projects in the field of aviation (from FP6 to H2020). Silvia CARRIERI (Erdyn) presented the analytical work carried out on the CORDIS databases, as well as the results of a specific online survey she conducted with partners and coordinators of European projects both in Europe and in the various third countries involved in those projects (Israel, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, USA, Canada, Brazil, Ukraine…).

Partners also discussed the technology mapping activity coordinated by DLR, and the progress of the cooperation platforms set up with China, Russia, Canada, the United States and Japan.

The final objective of ICARe is to provide operational recommendations for international cooperation in the field of aviation under the next Horizon Europe framework programme, based on a rigorous analysis of past cooperation.

ICARe is a CSA project (Coordination and Support Action) funded by Horizon 2020 and coordinated by Erdyn. Partners involved in the project are: Dassault Aviation, Rolls Royce, Eurocontrol, the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster, DLR, ONERA, Thales, BAE Systems, Honeywell, EASA, EASN, CIMNE and IATA.

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