JEC World 2023 : Innovation and Perspectives of the Composites Industry

Present and future prospects of the French Composites sector

Our team “Industry and Sustainable Development” participated in the JEC World 2023, the Leading International Composites Show, held in Paris-Nord Villepinte from April 25th to 27th, 2023.

We were honored to be invited on April 26th by the representatives of the Dutch government in France, NBSO (Netherlands Business Support Office) and The Dutch Composites Association CompositesNL to deliver our recent work about the present and future prospects of the French Composites Industry.

Erdyn recently conducted an up-to-date sector study and outlook on Composites in France, providing a comprehensive overview and vision of the French market potential, key trends, and opportunities within 5 years for the Dutch Composites industry. In particular, this work provides

  • In-depth intelligence on the market potential and revenue opportunities for this industry, covering 12 key market segments in the energy, construction, transportation, electrical and electronics, medical, sport, and defense sectors.
  • A clear understanding and mapping of the French Composites ecosystem.
  • A special focus was done on the sustainability and circularity economy challenges of the sector.

This study has been realized in collaboration with the French Cluster EMC2, specialized in manufacturing technologies.

Support the development of the Dutch Composites ecosystem

Through this survey, Erdyn aims to support the development of the business and partnerships of the Dutch Composites Industry in France, represented by CompositesNL and NBSO Nantes. The results of this work will be presented by Erdyn to the Dutch Composites ecosystem in the Netherlands at the end of September 2023 and will be used to build a new sustainable sector business plan and strategy for the ecosystem.

For more information and any needs, contact us (Vincent Jouenne – +33 (0)6 45 77 82 83 or Stéphane Boudin –

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