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Our History

For thirty years, Erdyn has built long-term relationships with its clients that have adapted to their changing needs, offering them new services to take into account market developments, public policy, science and technology. Story

1984 : The creation of the consulting firm Erdyn

Europe Energy Council was founded in 1984 as a “scientific and technical consulting firm” by Louis Drouot, former student of Centrale High School Erdyn renamed in 1991. The company has a long history of offering its customers a wide range of services and studies related to R&D. 

2003 : Erdyn se positionne sur le conseil en innovation

Following its acquisition by Patrick Haouat in 2003, Erdyn has progressively developed its position towards innovation consulting while maintaining its strong historical roots in science and technology. With the 2006 acquisition of the firm Michel Goyhenetche Consultants, Business to Business marketing specialist, Erdyn expanded its offer and has established itself as an indispensable specialist in innovation consulting.
In 2007, Erdyn cofounded Effidyn positioned on the optimixation benefits of industrial performance (lean engineering, design to cost…) to be able to support its clients’downstream innovation. 

Since 2010 : A strategy for regional development

The recent history of Erdyn marks an acceleration of its development, with the 2010 founding of Erdyn Atlantic.