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Strategy & Marketing

Turning the potential value of innovation into growth, this is how our interventions empower our clients. The skills and seniority of our team, the richness of our methodological stock and the international scope of our access to intelligence and experts make us able to offer a wide range of services, from assisting the complete elaboration of a medium-sized business strategy to valuing an invention thanks to a “flash” opportunity study. Without claiming to cover all the details, we offer below an overview of some typical services.pical services. Strategy & Marketing

Our services

Foresight and Technology roadmap


For any legal entity, whether private or public, collective or independent, evolution is essential, anticipation an absolute asset. Foresight studies enable to be incorporated within the framework of a proactive dynamics in opposition to a reactive management, above all else, it is a strategic decision-making support. Many stakeholders (SMEs, big companies, competitive clusters, local governments, laboratories…) turned to us to assist them in their foresight thinking. Indeed, even if they are mostly relying on open-mindedness, foresight exercises must be very structured and overseen.

In this way, developing a roadmap is a method we often use for missions of this nature. These methods aim to arouse strategic foresight thinking and lead to the execution of tangible innovation and adaptation initiatives to a context in motion. It is about an interactive approach which operates around several multidisciplinary working groups. Thanks to these methods, great socio-economic trends can be linked to the markets of the future, key technologies can be determined and the key elements of future action plans can be designed.s.

Techno-economic study


When it is about making an assessment of the current situation of a business sector or a technological field, then identifying how it can be developed, the study conditions of success rely on a perfect combination of expertise, tools and various skills, acquired with field experience as well as strategic hindsight. ERDYN designed this winning combination and provides it to various clients, businesses and public policy decision makers (French General & Interministerial Delegations, Regional Councils, Agglomeration Communities…).

We possess a few ingredients with an adapted dose for each intervention: the scientific profile of our consultants (engineering sciences, earth and life sciences, human and social sciences); the presence in our team of hybrid profiles proficient in economics, marketing and law; the knowledge of the industrial and research businesses reality which we count among our clients; robust tools, methods to analyze and tap international intelligence; the expertise in frameworks, structures and existing packages among the territories: professional development centers, regional innovation agencies, labor inspections authorities, state funded research and public policies stakeholders, regional economic and education development schemes, regional innovation strategies, European funding authorities like the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund, town and country planning authorities, interministerial funds, competitive clusters…

Market Study / Marketing Innovation


From start-ups to great industrial corporations, SMEs to middle-market companies as well as research valuation, ERDYN carries out several dozens of market and feasibility studies per year for more than 20 years. Our role is clear: enabling new concepts (products, processes and services) to find their market and turning a promise into turnover.
Marketing innovation is a specialty in its own right and ERDYN is an expert in this field. In particular, we have developed a methodology consisting of three distinct modules (feasibility study, market study, reception study) taking action during three key steps of an innovation project progress: market introduction (Go or no Go), maturity stage (developing the Marketing strategy), presale (refining pricing and defining the operational Marketing strategy).

Intellectual Property Strategy


The competitive advantage given by an innovation is strengthened if it goes hand in hand with an exploitation monopoly. Intellectual property constitutes the main toolbox enabling the completion of this objective: the economic value of a new product can greatly depend on the existence of one or several substantial patents. Still, the implementation of these tools can only be carried out after an extensive analysis of the associated issues: Erdyn assists its clients in their strategic thinking in terms of IP linked to innovative projects.

Public policy

From strategic thinking to operational solutions implementation, Erdyn assists public authorities all along their decision-making process and at the different levels of local governance (Agglomeration, Department, Region, State). Relying on extensive sector-specific expertise and our understanding of the private sector as well as the academic world, we offer a complete range of study and consulting services.

  • Technological or territorial foresight exercises which can shed light on the future based on rational data
  • Strategic missions defining and managing the priorities of the public policy implementation;
  • Operational studies and supportive missions to help public authorities to implement our recommendations.

Our Differentiators / Advantages

Erdyn has effective differentiation elements for every service offered resulting in substantial customer benefits; meaning as many key factors of success for our clients’ projects development.

Co-production with our culients

Unless otherwise requested, Erdyn seriously involves its clients in the execution of their studies, planning regular progress check-up meetings and making them participate to the tools development (interview guide, presentation fact sheet…) and experts or potential clients’ interviews. In this way, the benefit is double for the client: they gain new skills and gets more familiar with the results of the study.

International dimension

Unless otherwise requested, Erdyn seriously involves its clients in the execution of their studies, planning regular progress check-up meetings and making them participate to the tools development (interview guide, presentation fact sheet…) and experts or potential clients’ interviews. In this way, the benefit is double for the client: they gain new skills and gets more familiar with the results of the study

Intellectual Property Expertise

In no case a competitor to IP Consulting firms, Erdyn assists its clients in a complementary way:

Corporate strategy development and management in terms of IP, on a technology or product, “freedom to operate” analysis, development of a protection and bypassing strategy, assistance in technology transfer.

Senior project management and double expertise of our consultants

Every mission is overseen by a senior consultant with a minimum of 5 years experience in a consulting firm, ensuring the quality of the deliverables and communication. Moreover, most of Erdyn consultants have a double degree or have acquired a double expertise engineering / business during their career, which make them able to link the market vision to the scientific vision while carrying out their missions.

Commitment to our recommendations, from strategy to operational

Erdyn assists its clients and commits to elaborate their innovation strategies up to the operational implementation of their projects, ensuring and taking on the coherence between the two aspects.

Data access and analysis methods and tools

Erdyn offers to every one of its clients a tailor-fit methodology built from a range of existing methods or not.

Erdyn also has at its disposition a wide range of data access tools via bibliographies (Erdyn has access to more than 1000 international databases) or through interviews carried out with experts or potential clients.

In this way, the data delivered by Erdyn is reliable, complete and constitutes a real support to decision making.