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Sciences & technology

Relying on Erdyn historical DNA, all the services gathered under this category “scientific and technical studies” aim to build for our clients supporting decision-making tools to better plan their R&D projects.. Sciences & technology

Our services

Foresight and Technology roadmap


For any legal entity, whether private or public, collective or independent, evolution is essential, anticipation an absolute asset. Foresight enables to be incorporated within the framework of proactive dynamics in opposition to a reactive management, above all else, it is a strategic decision-making support. Many stakeholders (SMEs, big companies, competitive clusters, local governments, laboratories…) turned to us to assist them in their foresight thinking. Indeed, even if they are mostly relying on open-mindedness, foresight exercises must be very structured and overseen.

In this way, developing a roadmap is a method we often use for missions of this nature. These methods aim to arouse strategic foresight thinking and lead to the execution of tangible innovation and adaptation initiatives to a context in motion. It is about an interactive approach which operates around several multidisciplinary working groups. Thanks to these methods, great socio-economic trends can be linked to the markets of the future, key technologies can be determined and the key elements of future action plans can be designed.

Externalized R&D


As part of their R&D programs, companies are now seeking a new balance between internal strategic skills and external resources. In this way, contract research offers an adapted solution to many situations: scientific or technical challenges outside of the company field of competence, new initiative and lack of resources, reformulation of the requirements and objectives specifications…

Contract research makes the company able to benefit from leverage effects, scientific ones as well as financial. Mastering a wide spectrum of scientific and technical disciplines, Erdyn offers the following services: definition of the requirements specification; planning, coordination and execution of experimental work; assistance in the design and development of new products and processes…

State of the Art / Technology Intelligence



Every R&D initiative must be profitable, and its objectives approved. State of the art studies, in revealing the technological and industrial context of a project, contribute to the approval of its content. Evolution of sciences and technical skills, markets, competition: through the observation and analysis of the facts potentially posing threats or providing opportunities to the company, technology intelligence contributes to the evaluation of the associated issues.

Erdyn offers the essential skills needed for the completion of the following services: state of the art research, technology intelligence, technology providers identification, technological scouting…

Our Differentiators / Advantages

Erdyn has effective differentiation elements for every service offered resulting in substantial customer benefits; meaning as many key factors of success for our clients’ projects development.

Our team multidisciplinarity

All Erdyn consultants have a laboratory or business experience, enabling them to perfectly understand the scientific or technological dimension at issue. The firm recruitment policy continuously ensures the technical and sectorial coverage of the main innovative fields.

French R&D Tax Credit

Erdyn is accredited with the French R&D Tax Credit (“Crédit d’Impôt Recherche” or CIR) issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. This recognition of Erdyn scientific added value make its clients able to include the expenses of some of our services in their tax credit base.

Senior Project Management and double expertise of our consultants

Every mission is overseen by a senior consultant with a minimum of 5 years experience in a consulting firm, ensuring the quality of the deliverables and communication. Moreover, most of Erdyn consultants carry out all along the year various missions for multiple kinds of clients, developing their multidisciplinary ability in the course of their regular duties.

Innovation ecosystems expertise

Through their interdisciplinary expertise of the innovation ecosystems actors, Erdyn consultants are able to target with precision their spokespersons, experts or their clients’ future partners and put them in relation.

Data access and analysis methods and tools

Erdyn offers to every one of its clients a tailor-fit methodology built from a range of existing methods or not. Erdyn make its clients able to see the bigger picture as stepping back can be sometimes necessary in carrying out innovation projects. It also brings them extensive knowledge for their projects development.

Strategic ability for Big-Picture Thinking

Erdyn make its clients able to see the bigger picture as stepping back can be sometimes necessary in carrying out innovation projects. It also brings them extensive knowledge for their projects development.