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Organization and projects

For our clients, conveying their strategy in an operational way for smoother innovation processes has become a major objective which we make possible to reach in the course of our missions, being carried out on behalf of a unique organization (company, laboratory…) or for a consortium. In most cases, unless the clients request otherwise, we guide them towards open innovation. Organization and projects

Our services

Assessment and Innovation Management



Whatever their size or business sector might be, innovation is crucial to growth and competitiveness for companies. Beyond positions of principle (too often unfinished), innovation must be an accurate strategic approach, particular to every company, and presenting itself through practical, efficient and measurable operational processes.

The experience of our firm and its unique expertise regarding innovation make it able to provide its clients a team of specialists, deploying methods, tools and ad hoc analyses: innovation strategies, assessment and design of innovation processes, open innovation and co-development integration, projected objectives and profitability.

Collaborative Projects Management & Executions



Public policies favor the establishment of national or European partnerships for innovation and R&D purposes, or structuring projects. The financial levers associated are attractive, but the set-up of these partnerships and the project in itself are often intricate. Sometimes decried, the intervention of a consulting firm can be a real asset if chosen carefully.

First, we ensure an in-depth strategic analysis of the project and evaluate its compliance with the program requirements specification which partners are responding to. The technical and scientific profile of our consultants combined to their strategic big-picture thinking make us able to subtly understand the issues and key factors of success of the projects.

But, more operationally speaking, the timeliness in the response calendar always implies a very structured work organization in the project set-up. On this point, our experience and methods ensure an efficient management.

Downstream the files application, Erdyn also intervenes as a collaborative project management support; our intervention makes us able to design together the best practices and ensure their best execution all along the course of the project. We also provide an assistance to coordinators for the follow-up and reporting towards funders.

Our service is adapted according to your need, from the one-time advice to the full management of a project set-up and its execution.

Innovation funding



Public funding coming from the different territorial levels (European, national, regional), private funding from banks and investment funds, with their specialties and specificities, funding from foundations… the possibilities to support innovation and R&D are numerous in this complex landscape. Relying on our extensive knowledge of innovation ecosystems, we guide clients, companies and research organizations towards the funding sources matching their situation in addition to the development of the related financial engineering. Our intervention also includes designing support for the business plan or project file.

IP Management



The effective use of intellectual property as a lever implies the existence of an IP “culture” shared within the organization. Beyond the knowledge of most of the main mobilizable tools, this common culture relies on the integration of good practices, the acquisition of “good reflexes”, a realization of the risks and opportunities linked to IP… Erdyn regularly assists its clients on these matters, notably through training and awareness initiatives or via an individual support.

Our Differentiators / Advantages

Erdyn has effective differentiation elements for every service offered resulting in substantial customer benefits; meaning as many key factors of success for our clients’ projects development.

Pure player of innovation

Many non-specialized consulting firms in management venture in the deployment of innovation approaches, but innovation cannot be managed as procurement or industrial processes, and failures are numerous. Only a pure play firm in innovation like Erdyn has at its disposal the core temperament essential to the success of such transformative projects.

Innovation ecosystems expertise

Thanks to their extensive awareness of the innovation ecosystems stakeholders, Erdyn consultants are able to understand, connect and federate the different stakeholders with each other, making them able to initiate change, make processes smoother and favor growth through innovation.

Commitment in the execution

Erdyn assists and commits to the execution of its clients’ innovation strategies up to the operational set-up of their projects, ensuring and assuming the consistency between the two aspects, and enabling the project managers to make their approaches more professional. In this way, Erdyn initiates change and make processes smoother within a company or an organization wishing to undertake innovation approaches.

Our senior consultants and their experience

Every mission is overseen by a senior consultant with a minimum of 5 years experience in a consulting firm, ensuring the quality of the deliverables and communication. Moreover, most of Erdyn consultants present a scientific experience in a laboratory or within a company, making them able to fully understand the considered field dimension and facilitating the communication with stakeholders.