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Our offer

Innovation is an open process enriched by collaboration. Erdyn pursues an active policy of partnership to provide enhanced and customized service to its clients.

Edater group

Erdyn partners with EDATER through support missions to public organizations. EDATER offers a full range of advisory services to improve the competitiveness of regions and businesses, management of public action, assessment and management of programs and measuring their performance.


Erdyn partners with Alcimed on national scale missions such as the support of innovative technologies of BPI and the Ministry of Research and Higher Education. Alcimed is a consultancy and support for strategic marketing decision specializing in life sciences.

DMS Conseil

Erdyn partners with DMS within the framework of support for higher education education and research organizations missions. Since 1989, DMS Council has supported its clients in their actions related to the knowledge economy. From strategy to feasibility study through the evaluation, DMS Council offers comprehensive support based on recognized and validated methodologies.

Association of Councils in Innovation

This associationbrings together nationally all consulting firms, experts and private innovation.


Erdyn partners with Effidyn through support mission to major industrial innovation in their approaches. Effidyn is a management consulting firm that supports major industrial organizations in the establishement of an efficient and sustainable innovation policy.