Erdyn covers all the issues regarding transportation: ground, aeronautics, aerospace, defense as well as water transportation, shipping and logistics

Références : 

Normandie AeroEspace | Assistance in the RTI action plan

Monitoring on the European research calls for proposal


Assistance in the set-up of the QUIET(R) European Project


Assistance in the establishment of a scientific road map for the New Industrial France (NFI) on autonomous vehicles

Technology Transfer Acceleration Society  (SATT)

Reception study for a new technology related to drone deployment

SAFE competitivity cluster

Assistance in the establishment of a strategic roadmap prior to the merge of the Risks and Pegasus (Pégase) departments

Valenciennois Technopolis

Strategic positioning study and prefiguration of research pole on Disability and Mobility

IRT Railenium

Assistance and animation of the Scientific Council of a Technological Research Institute dedicated to the rail industry


Impact study on major trends linked to the mobility of the future on TOTAL MARKETING AND SERVICES activities

Carnot Institutes

Assistance in the establishment of Carnauto (Automotive) and AirCar (Aeronautics) projects in response to the “Carnot Filières” call for proposals

Lorrain Incubator

Assistance in an entrepreneurial project related to civil drones in Lorraine, definition of its business plan, its offered services, its market coverage and potential technological developments


Establishment of an open innovation initiative thanks to innovating SMEs sourcing and innovation competition carried out by a big French mobility stakeholder


Study for a SME producing innovating cushions dedicated to the automotive industry

Let’s innovate together