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Information Communication and Technology

Erdyn covers all the fields related to technologies, digital contents and services and especially electronics and micro-nano electronics, telecommunications, their infrastructures, software and associated services

References : 

Technology Transfer Acceleration Society (SATT) Paris-Saclay

Opportunity study for new businesses set-up in the fields of digital and digital communication

Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (Deposits and Consignments Fund)

Mapping and measurement of the French start-up ecosystems evolution and assessment of the impact of the French Tech initiative framework toward their development since 2013

Carnot STAR Research Institute

Market study on the Internet of Things

Aeronautic company

Set up of a collaborative project on an automated process of additive manufacturing


Market study for a smart video directing solution, autonomous, multi-camera and nomad


Market study for a VR device dedicated to planetary and terrestrial data visualization

Limoges Métropole

Assistance in the application for the French Tech networks

Computer and network surveillance start-up

Diversification market study

Hauts-de-France Region

Contracting authority support on robotics potential, assessment of the ecosystem and the influence of its stakeholders in its value chain, promising markets identification, national benchmarking on other regions initiatives, recommendations and action plan on the regional level

Defense industry company

Potential diversification markets analysis linked to electro-optics


Update of the strategic innovation road map for a regional cluster on the assistance to audiovisual production and innovation in the cultural digital industry

Photonics cluster

Design of the detailed business plan and preparation of the establishment of a Photonics Society

Bluefrog Robotics

Assistance in the strategic positioning of a nascent start-up and writing of a fundraising application


Market study and marketing strategy consulting for a contactless technology integration start-up, mostly NFC (Near Field Communication)


Market study on 3D data processing optimization software

French Commission for Businesses (DGE)

Market assessment and perspectives for the photonics industry

French Inter-Ministerial Department of Foresight and Anticipation of Economic Mutations (PIPAME)

Foresight study on the service robotics industry in France

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