Erdyn covers all the issues regarding the cosmetics sector, from new extracts to final products and in vitro testing. Erdyn Cosmetics Department interventions are addressed to:

• Cosmetics: from the ingredients producer to the final formulator
• The ingredients and biological sources for cosmetic use
• Technologies and services for cosmetics: vectorization of active principles, efficiency tests, toxicity…
• But also, new issues in cosmetics: new ingredients valorization, customization, biological origin, new technological and ecological processes…

References : 

French national authority for public funding and research incentives (DGE)

Halfway assessment of the Cosmetic Valley competitivity cluster



Panorama complet du marché français des cosmétiques : segmentation, identification des fabricants, distribution, importation, …



Support to the strategic thinking related to Réunion Island S3 on the subject of natural extracts: drugstore sectors, nutraceutical, agribusiness and cosmetics



Market study for marine bacteria extracts dedicated to the cosmetics industry

Cosmetics industry

EExpert assessment of a startup developing a toxicity analysis method for active compounds, as an alternative to animal testing


Support in the positioning for the cosmetics sector related to donkey-milk based products

Technology Transfer Acceleration Society  (SATT)

Market study and expert assessment for a valuation project related to a new source of aromatic plant used in perfumery

Foreign university

Valorization study of microalgae compounds in cosmetics


Competitive intelligence on some spirulina cosmetic applications


European project in which Erdyn is a partner on the market study and valorization aspect of microalgae extracts on the following markets: nutraceutical, cosmetics and animal and human nutrition

Scent marketing company

Market study on the several sectors including cosmetics

International study organization

Socio-economic study on cosmetic and para-medical products consumed by baby-boomers


Technical and economic study for waste recycling associated to bio refinery for animal food, nutraceutical and cosmetics



Expert assessment of a start-up developing a 3D digital corporal imaging device for the fitness and plastic surgery industries


Marketing study and business development for an active principles nanoencapsulation company, associated to the health and cosmetics industries


Market studies on hyaluronic acid and collagen

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