Erdyn covers all the issues regarding agronomy, agribusiness and the nutraceutical industry: from new ingredients or varieties to finals products and biological control.

Erdyn Agribusiness department intervention involve:



Nutrition and nutraceutical

But also, the new issues of the industry: new ingredients valorization, vegetal proteins, new technologies applied to the agribusiness services…

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Scientific and technical studies : 



Numerous researches on new ingredients or technological solutions to industrial issues. This assistance enables Danone to increase its competitivity while accelerating its innovation capacity (17 technical studies since 2014, confidential subjects)

French cluster

Panorama contrast of the Biology Health Nutrition sector 2015


Definition of the key technologies for 2020 especially for the food and nutrition industries

Asian company

In-depth study on the UK kosher market

Innovation initiatives :

Analysis and research departments

Establishment of an H2020 European project in SFS-10B food security

Competitivy cluster in the Agribusiness industry

Support to the set-up of a great collaborative project (PSPC) in the dairy industry

Industries including food and feed

Partner in the “Magnificent” BBI project: microalgae valorization

IAR department

Establishment and market study of a mutualized innovation platform for the IMPROVE proteins valorization: vegetal proteins extraction, functionalization and transformation for the feed and food markets

Clusters in agribusiness industry

Valuation of the French and Walloon competitivity clusters in agribusiness industry (WAGRALIM)

Strategy and marketing : 


Strategic study for Métagénopolis, trial platform dedicated to the microbiota: competitive intelligence, ecosystem analysis, economic and strategic frameworks identification

Startup YNSECT

Technical and economic study to valorize insect powders with high protein intake and their related products


Market study for a diagnostic (detection, identification, quantification) and pathogenic bacteria separation technology on several industries including Agribusiness


Market study and “vegetal steaks” market access strategy: distribution channels analysis, selling price estimation and sales projection


Positioning strategy and marketing strategy for a lipidic lures project

Let’s Innovate Together