Hydrogen power in China: a key market soon?

A sector strongly supported by the government Energy is a critical issue in China, regularly mentioned amongst the development priorities in the five-year plans – the most recent one being the 13th (2016-2020). Hydrogen power, and more specifically fuel cells, are the subject of a roadmap of the 13th Five-Year Plan that aims to [...]

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Skin repair and protection

Skin aging is a complex biological process that results from intrinsic but also extrinsic factors of which exposure to UV irradiation is the predominant cause. Other external factors include exposure to low humidity, cold and wind exposure, pollution, allergens as well as fatigue, and pathogens. Besides, skin can be affected by immune diseases such [...]

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Open innovation in China

China, long considered as the “factory of the world”, now aims to become the “laboratory of the world”, where technologies of tomorrow will emerge. Supported by major governmental programs, initiatives of open innovation pop out as illustrated by the high density of incubators and support structures in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. However, this strategy [...]

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The fast growing biotherapeutics market needs experts of the production

Biotherapeutics is a family of innovative therapeutic strategies based on molecule or system so complex that it requires a living system to be produced, or the living system itself is the treatment. These therapeutics include therefore, antibody-based treatments, peptides or protein-based treatments, vaccines, gene therapies or cell therapies. The firstly marketed biologics was the [...]

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Third consortium meeting of the ICARe

The third consortium meeting of the ICARe project (International Cooperation in Aviation Sector) took place at Dassault Aviation in October 2018 to discuss the advancement of the project. During this meeting, Erdyn presented the almost finalized results of WP3 dedicated to the lessons learned of previous international cooperation projects in the field [...]

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The final report of the European project TAIPI is available!

From January 2015 to April 2018, Erdyn has coordinated the project TAIPI “Tools and Actions for Impact Assessment and Policy makers Information”, a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) supported under the “Policy environment for FET Flagships” call of Horizon 2020. The general objective of TAIPI was to support and strengthen the FET [...]

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First annual HBP Innovation forum

EVENT INFORMATION On March 22, 2018, the first HBP Innovation Forum will be held at the National History Museum in London. Registration This event is co-organised by Erdyn and is an opportunity for researchers, industrials, socio-economic actors and clinicians to exchange and debate on the areas of scientific research, biotechnology and brain function. Several [...]

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European project « ANIMA » selected for funding under Horizon 2020 Transport Work programme

European project ANIMA « Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches » has been selected for funding under the call « Mobility for Growth » of the Horizon 2020 programme. ANIMA’s kick-off meeting took place on the 25th and 26th of October in Palaiseau. Twenty-two partners from eleven countries will collaborate during the next four years [...]

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European Project « CONCERTO » selected for funding under Clean Sky 2 programme !

A new European project supported by Erdyn has been selected for funding. ERDYN has supported ONERA and its partners in building CONCERTO project under the framework of Clean Sky 2 programme. CONCERTO will develop a new computational tool enabling, in multiple operating conditions, the noise prediction of lateral rotors of various dimensions, installed on the [...]

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Erdyn is seeking a service provider for a regulatory watch regarding the use of microalgae in the food, feed and cosmetics sectors.

  As part of its contribution in the collaborative project MAGNIFICENT funded by the European Commission, Erdyn is seeking a service provider for a regulatory watch regarding the use of microalgae in the food, feed and cosmetics sectors. Click here to access our specifications >> For further information do not hesitate to contact us: [...]

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Erdyn coorganise un workshop dans le cadre de la STI Indicators Conference 2017

Paris, 8 septembre 2017 - Dans le cadre de la « Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Indicators Conference 2017 », Erdyn a coorganisé un workshop dédié aux indicateurs d’évaluation d’impact des grands programmes d’investissement en Recherche&Innovation, notamment aux programmes EU Flagships. Pendant le workshop, Florian KNECHT, associé d’Erdyn et manager des activités liées [...]

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The European Commission has published recently the FET FLAGSHIPS Interim Evaluation report.

The FET Flagship programme aims at undertaking research and innovation activities which enable the transformation of science into technology with industrial and societal impacts. The Flagships represent a significant investment (1 billion euro each for 10 years).Thus, to evaluate the value of Flagships and provide recommendations, a Panel of high-level experts has undertaken an [...]

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Call for proposals Canada/France

You have until December 20 To apply, all sectors of activity together! In order to mutually enhance the sharing of knowledge and technology between Canada and France through collaborative through close to market projects between French and Albertan/Canadian SMEs, public institutions of France (Bpifrance) and Canada/alberta (GCCIR, CNRC) have launched a call [...]

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Erdyn carried out an in-depth analysis on Horizon 2020 focusing on the European Parliament’s priorities

Within the context of the interim evaluation of the Horizon 2020 programme, the ITRE (Industry, Research and Energy) Committee of the European Parliament (EP) requested an in-depth analysis on the Horizon 2020 measures addressing the Parliament’s priorities. Erdyn led the study in collaboration with Oakdene Hollins and provided public authorities with recommendations for [...]

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Call for tender for the development of an online platform dedicated to data collection and analysis.

For the CSA Taipi, we are searching for a service provider to develop a platform gathering and analyzing data on the two Flagships (Graphene and HBP). A detailed proposal is expected on February 16 at 3pm (Paris time ; GMT+1) by email. This CSA (Coordination and Support Action) aims to support two [...]

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